Singrauli is the 50th district of Madhya Pradesh, India. It was granted district status on 24 May 2008, with its headquarter at Waidhan. However, presently Waidhan is the most watched out place in the area with all the amenities of life. It has been formed after disintegrating it from Sidhi district. Singrauli is fast emerging as an energy hub of India, especially for electric power and coal and therefore locally it is also called 'Urjanchal' (a Hindi word which means land of energy). The total installed capacity of all power plants at singaruli is around ten percent of total installed capacity of India (as of 10 November 2006).

Singrauli is called the power house of india.The population of Singrauli mainly consists of professionals and workers of these large industrial units and businessmen and employees of other organizations dealing with the power or coal industry, in addition to staff members of various government agencies.

Location info:

It is in the north-central part of India.

The area in the eastern part of of Sidhi Distt. in the state of MP and the adjoining southern part of Sonebhadra Distt. in the state of UP is collectively known as Singrauli.


This part of the Region has normally high temperature and during summer meteorological observation indicates that the maximum temperature recorded in the year 2004 is 43°C, While the minimum temperature is 7°C. The corresponding hottest months and coolest months are April to June and December to February respectively. Temperature records also reveal that the mean maximum temperature ranges between 30°C and 43°C while the lowest mean maximum temperature ranges between 12°C and 7°C. Rainfall observations indicate that normal rainfall in the area is around 1000 mm Rains are in full bloom from July to August, June and October receive intermittent rains.

History of Singrauli:

The area in the eastern part of the state of MP and the adjoining southern part of Sonebhadra district in the state of UP is collectively known as Singrauli. Singrauli is emerging as India's Energy capital, the place earlier known as Shringavali, named after the sage Shringi, was once upon a time covered with dense and unnavigable forests and inhabited by wild animals. The place was considered so treacherous that it was used by the Kings of Rewa State, who ruled the area till 1947, as an open air prison for detaining errant civilians and officers.

Just two generations ago, small holders were tending their parcels of land here, and the original inhabitants were gathering honey and herbs in the forest. In the late fifties, a large scale dam banked up the water of the River Rihand. The dam known as Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar, was inaugurated by Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru in 1962. Later, rich coal deposits spread over an area of 2200 km2 in the state of M.P. (eastern part of Sidhi District) and U.P. (southern part of Sonebhadra District) were discovered close to the artificial lake that could be used to generate electricity.

The Study of demographic pattern plays a major role in the preparation of MSW plan. This type of study helps to assess the past and present growth trends and to estimate the future growth. The knowledge of basic demographic trend, in the area to be planned, is very essential to perceive the problems and exact needs of the area. It gives the idea about living conditions of the people and their immediate need of basic amenities which planner should attend while preparing MSW plan. Therefore, the analysis of demographic factors in relation to various urban functions facilitate the requirement or need for housing, industry, commerce, amenities and recreation. Population data pertaining to 2001 census was collected from Census of India records as well as from Singrauli Municipal Corporation.

The population of Singrauli was 185580 with the males at 100342 and females at 85238 giving a sex ratio of 849. The literacy rate is quite high at 71.57% due to the nature of population which mainly constitutes from the various industries in the area.

Educational Institutions in Singrauli:

1. Saraswati Shishu Mandir-Waidhan,
2. DAV Public School-Waidhan,
3. St.Joseph Convent School-Waidhan,
4. Govt.Boys High.Secondary School-Waidhan,
5. Govt.Girls High.Secondary School-Waidhan,
6. Christ Jyoti-Singrauli,
7. Kendriya Vidyalaya-Singrauli,
8. Saraswati Shishu Mandir Singrauli,
9. Saraswati Sishu Mandir Vindhyanagar,
10. Delhi Public School-Vindhyanagar,
11. De Paul School-Vindhyanagar,
12. Delhi Public School-Nigahi,
13. Kendriya Vidyalay- Shaktinagar,
14. St.Joseph-Shaktinagar,
15. Kendriya Vidyalaya-C.W.S Jayant,
16. DAV-Amlohri,DAV-Khadia, DAV-Bina, DAV-Dudhichua, DAV-Nigahi, DAV- Jhingurdah, Jyoti School Jayant, Saraswati Sishu Mandir Jayant, Aditya Birla Public school at Renukut and Renusagar, St Francis Rihand, St Francis Anpara, Saraswati Shishu Mandir Amlohri,


The main languages spoken are Hindi, English and Marwadi.


Singrauli region, 220 km from Varanasi, constitutes the eastern part of Sidhi District in Madhya Pradesh. This north-central part of India includes parts of the two states, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. It covers the townships of Waidhan, Morwa, Anpara, Renukoot, Shaktinagar and Jayant.

The place was earlier known as Shringavali, after the sage Shringi. It was once used as an open air prison by the kings of Rewa State who ruled here till independence in 1947.

Developing as India's energy capital, this industrial and commercial area houses five large scale power stations, an aluminum smelting plant and a chemical factory. Also medium and budget hotels provide comfortable stay. Gobind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam is a major attraction. There are parks, waterfalls and prehistoric caves.

The Singrauli region of India, located in the states of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, has suffered from a spiral of development-induced displacement, as prime agricultural land has been systematically appropriated, first for a dam and reservoir, and subsequently for coal mines, coal-fired power plants, coal slurry disposal areas, railroad lines and other infrastructure, and eucalyptus "forest offset" plantations. The Indian Express reported that as of 1987, between two and three hundred thousand people had been displaced in Singrauli, some of them "three to five times in 25 years. The land, once covered with prime tropical forests on the fertile Gangetic Plain is totally destroyed, a dust trap for those who live on it." The people displaced by these various projects have been forced into resettlement colonies or have moved away in search of increasingly scarce arable land.

Singrauli has the unique distinction of housing the biggest and only one of its kind thermal power plant complex in India. The area of current generating more than 10,000MW of thermal electricity with state of art plant NTPC Ltd., UPRUVNL (Uttar Pradesh Rajya Vidyut Utapadan Nigam Ltd.), Hindalco Industries Ltd (AV Birla group fame). NTPC Ltd. The PSU power major is all set to record its highest thermal power production from its power plants located at Shaktinagar (U.P.),Vindhya nagar (M.P.) & Rihand (U.P.) , SSTPS plant (Singrauli Super Thermal Power Station) of NTPC current generates 2000MV of thermal power, The VSTPP plant (Vindhya Nagar Super Thermal Power Project) of NTPC is all set to become Asia largest powerhouse with an installed capacity of 3260MW, RhSTPP plant (Rihand Super Thermal Power Project) generates 2000MW of thermal electric power. Apart from above the U.P. sate electricity generation company also operates its Anpara, Obra Thermal power in the area an installed capacity of 3180MW, A.V Brila group flagship company also operates a captive power plant generates 715MW for its State of an Aluminum plant . Eyeing the abundance of Coal reserves & power, the cement major jaypee Industries recently acquired U.P. state Cooperatives Dalla Cement plant for a sum of Rs. 400 Crore.

How to reach Singrauli?

Nearest Railway Station:

Nearest railway junction is Singrauli junction (the one platform junction between Katni-Chopan line), it is 768 km from Bhopal. Singrauli Railway Station is on the Katni-Chopan rail route. This station is managed by the Eastern Railways. Shaktipunj Express, connecting Howrah and Jabalpur, runs through this station. Karaila Road Junction Railway Station is the nearest main station to the north. Going west, Beohari Railway Station is the main station next to Singrauli.

Shaktipunj Express (1447/1448): Howrah-Dhanbad-Singrauli-Katni-Jabalpur
Link Express (3347/3348): Singrauli-Garhwa Rd-Gaya-Patna
Triveni Express (4369/4370): Bareilly-Lucknow-Allahabad-Singrauli
Bhopal Howrah express (3025/3026): Howrah-Dhanbad-Sigrauli-Katni-Jabalpur-Bhopal
Katni Chopan Passenger: Katni-Beohari-Singrauli-Chopan
Chopan Shaktinagar Passenger: Chopan-Shaktinagar
Muri Express (8101/8102): Tata-Hatia-Ranchi-Renukut-Allahabad-Kanpur-Delhi-Amritsar-Jammu
Jharkhand Swarn Jayanti Express (2873/2874): Hatia-Ranchi-Renukut-Mughalsarai-Allahabad-Delhi

Railway stations in the area falling under Katni Chopan rail route: Singrauli Railway Station, Shakti Nagar Railway Station, Anpara Railway Station, Obra Dam Railway Station, Renukut Railway Station.

Singrauli by road can be reached from Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) or through Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. Nearest commonly used rail head is Singrauli Railway Station. Railways maintain a broad gauge rail line connecting Katni-Singrauli-Chopan-Mughalsarai and Singrauli Chopan Garwa Road rail route.

Nearest Airport:

The nearest airport is at Varanasi and one at Mayurpur owned by Hindalco.

Road Transport:

The connectivity is very poor from Singrauli district. The nearest city to Singrauli is Varanasi 208 km by road,You can get private transport for various location hardly though it is directly connected with Chattishgarh and UP by road. Singrauli is approximately 50 kms from Renukoot which has trains coming from Delhi, Ranchi, Tatanagar, Patna and Calcutta.

Shaktingar-Varanasi (UP) expressway, 210 km long passing through Renukoot, Chopan, Robertsganj.
Waidhan-Rewa (MP) passing through Sidhi, Churhat, Rewa.

Tourist Attraction of Singrauli:

* Rasganda Water Walls,
* Jwalamukhi Devi Temple Shaktinagar,
* Hanuman Mandir Jhingurdah,
* Tippa Jhariya Jhingurdah,
* Lake Park Vindhnagar,
* Rose garden jayant,
* Chilka Lake Shaktinagar,
* Mada Caves(Prihistoric Rock Paintings)

Other places:

132 KV sub- station Medhauli, Waidhan, Amlohri, Anpara, Bina, Bijpur, Dudhichua, Gorbi, Jayant, Jhingurda, Kakri, Khadia, Morwa, Nandgawn, Nigahi, Obra, Renukoot, Renusagar, Rihand, Shaktinagar, Vindhyanagar, Banvasi Seva Ashram Govindpur, CMPDI (RI-VI), Sasan (UMPP(Relience Power Plant), Mada Cave, Railway station (morwa) established in 1965, Waidhan(a marketing hub for singrauli district), Khutar, Rajmilan,Mada,Koyalkooth,Sasan,Karsua, Amilia,sarai,Bandhaura(Essar Power Plant),Khutar(Biggest Village of Waidhan),Kathura,Banauli,Parsona,Kachni,Raila,Harrai.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation in Singrauli:

Hotel Savera