St.Thomas Malankara Catholic Church at Bhopal


St.Thomas Malankara Catholic Church is one of the Saint Thomas Christian churches centered in Bhopal.

Location info:

Address:P.B. No. 27, Shiksha Mandal P.O., Behind Income Tax Office, Arera Hills, Bhopal M.P. - 462 011
Nearest City: Jabalpur


Winter is the best climate to visit.


The establishment of Bethany Ashram Pune on 24 October 1955 can be said to be the beginning of the mission of the Malankara Catholic Church outside its canonical territory. The Portuguese extended the Padroado agreement in their evangelization programme over India and wanted to bring the Indian Church of the St. Thomas Christians under this jurisdiction. The Church in India which was rooted in the socio-cultural environment and which enjoyed autonomy in internal administration in communion with the Universal Church resisted the unwanted intervention of the Portuguese who brought with them the Western ecclesiastical traditions.The Church of St.Thomas Christians could not withstand any more the denial of her autonomy. The initial resistance slowly gave way to discontentment, which ended up with the revolt in 1653 known as the Koonan Cross Oath.

Patron Saint: St. Thomas the Apostle

Parish Priest: Fr. John Nedumcheril

Catholic Families : 106

Catholics: 421

No. of SCC Units : 4

Parish Associations: Malankara Catholic Youth Movement (MCYM), Legion of Mary, Women's Desk

Interesting things to do:

Prayers,Reading Catholic books.

Interesting things to Visit/Nearest places:

Devi Shrinagar Palace,T.T Nagar,Saputara National Park

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Habib Ganj Railway Station
Nearest Airport:Airport Authority Of India,Arera Hills
Road Transport:Central Bus Stand

Nearest Visiting places:

Devi Shrinagar Palace,T.T Nagar,Saputara National Park

Nearest Petrol Pump:

Fairdeal Petrol Pump:0731 4087695


Hotel Crown Palace,Hotel OMNI Palace,Lemon tree hotel.

Things to carry:

Carry Your own Garbage Bags and do not Dispose off Plastic Bags Here and There.Maintain Cleanliness.

Help Line/Phone Number:

Contact No: 0755 - 2555878
Nearest Hospital:0731 2432825