Madikheda Dam


The Madikheda Dam Project (62m high) is located across Sindh river near madikheda village in Shivpuri district of MP to feed the already constructed Mohini Pick-up- weir on the downstream across the same sindh river.The construction work of this project was awarded to us way back in Nov.1993 followed by another work of the civil works of the 3*20 MW power House.The power house is fed by an intake structure taking off from the submergence of the dam.The intake channel then gets the shape of a about 2km long tunnel.At the end of the tunnel the power house is located.The civil works of this power house was awarded to us.

The Environmental and Forest angle clearances for the construction of the dam could not be obtained by the department from the respective departments of the Govt. of India. As such our work on the dam could be started finally in the year 2000 only. The awarded work could not be completed fully by us even upto the year 2004 due to the reason that the work of the crest gates was awarded by the department to some another agency.The balance work of the Deck Bridge over the dam was therefore restarted by us in the year 2006 and completed finally by June 2007. The civil works for the power house was taken up by us in the mean time and was completed by us more or less within the time schedule.

Length of Dam - 1070 meter

Length of spillway - 176.50 meter

Full Reservoir Level - 346.25 meter

Maximum Water Level - 346.85 meter

Catchment area - 5540 sq km

Submergence area - 5672.91 ha

Villages effected - 13

Dam height - 62 m

No. of gates - 10

Year of start - 1978

Project benefits:

Culturable command area - 98.25 th.ha

Ultimate potential - 162.0 th. ha

Districts benefitted - Gwalior, Shivpuri, Datia, Bhind

8Hydro power - 60 MW (20x3)

Year of completion - 2008