Ashoknagar is one of the 48 districts of Madhya Pradesh, situated on the north-eastern part of Malwa plateau between Parbati and the Betwa.

It is the administrative headquarters of Ashoknagar District. it was previously in in Guna district.

Ashoknagar is well known for its Grains Mandi and "Sharbati Gaihu" a type of wheat.The most nearly district is Guna which is 45 km far from there. Ashoknagar formerly knows as Pachar. Ashoknagar contains five tehsils. Esagarh, Chanderi, Mungaoli, Ashoknagar and Shahdora. In Ashoknagar city there were two parts mainly. Across The Railway Gate and Gandhi Park Side. The railway line is in middle of the city. City have Railway Station and Bus Stand. Ashoknagar is connected to the main cities of M.P. by road and trains.

Ashoknagar District is divided into four Blocks and has population of 688940 spread over area of 4673.94 sq.Km. Chanderi is famous for its exquisite and delicate muslim industry is a part of the district

The greater part of the District towards south is in accordance with the Malwa Plateau while, in north, especially round Chanderi the region Surrounded by hills and covered by forest is typical of the Bundelkhand topography. Largely depended upon on the rainfall for its cultivation, the area had meager irrigate sources in the part. However, the construction of Moll-Dam in the post independent period and the Conch dam project late has fulfilled this long followed of the area is a bring way and with new schwas coming will boost further the agricultural economic prospected of the District the principal crops of the District come Wheat, Jowl, Groom, Maize Rice Sugar cane, Olives. Pulses like srorry molts and titan and same smaller millets could be coupled arrange the subodary food crops of the area.

Location info:

Ashoknagar is located on the northern-eastern part of Malwa Platue between Sindh and the Betwa. Mathematically the District is situated between the latitude 24.34 N and longitude 77.43 E . The eastern and western boundaries of the District are well defined by the rivers. The Betwa flows along the eastern boundary separating from Sagar District, and Lalitpur and Jhansi District of Uttar Pradesh. The Sindh is the main river flowing along the western boundary.


The climate of Ashoknagar is sub-tropical. In the summer the temperature reaches 47C while dropping to 4C in the winter. Rainfall is adequate and sometimes less.

The year is popularly divided into three seasons: summer, the rains, and winter. Summer extends over the months of Chaitra to Jyestha (mid-March to mid-May). The average daily temperature during the summer months is 35 °C, which typically rises to around 40 °C on a few days. The rainy season starts with the first showers of Aashaadha (mid-June) and extends to the middle of Ashvin (September). Most of the rain falls during the southwest monsoon spell, and ranges from about 100 cm in the west to about 165 cm in the east. Indore and the immediately surrounding areas receive an average of 140 cm of rainfall a year. The growing period lasts from 90 to 150 days, during which the average daily temperature is below 30 °C, but seldom falls below 20 °C. Winter is the longest of the three seasons, extending for about five months (mid-Ashvin to Phalgun, i.e., October to mid-March). The average daily temperature ranges from 15 °C to 20 °C, though on some nights it can fall as low as 7 °C. Some cultivators believe that an occasional winter shower during the months of Pausha and Maagha—known as Mawta—is helpful to the early summer wheat and germ crops

History of Ashoknagar :

The region was ruled by the Scindia family as a part of Isagarh District of the Indian princely state of Gwalior.

Educational Institutions in Ashoknagar :

Ashoknagar has decent English and Hindi medium schools.


Tara Sadan Higher Secondary School

St. Thomas Higher Secondary School

Vardhman Higher Secondary school

Shri Vivekananda Shishu Mandir High School

Saraswati Vidya Mandir higher secondary school

Shivpuri Public Higher Secondary School


Govt. Polytechnic College, Ashoknagar

Govt. Nehru Degree College, Ashoknagar

Vardhman Girls Degree College, Ashoknagar

Indian College of Science & Management, Ashoknagar


Hindi and other regional languages


Ashoknagar is famous for the Jain temple called Trikaal Choubeese, where the idols of past, present, and future Thirthankars, described in Jain religion, is well a big temple called shri kundkund digambar jain swadhyaay mandir which has established in 1997 by intiation of followers of Gurudev shree kanji swami who was a famous spritualist of saurashtra Gujrat. It is also famous for the place Chanderi which is about 60 km from Ashoknagar. In Chanderi ancient sculptures are there in large numbers. Thubon Sidha Kshetra is a pilgrim centre for Jains. It is about 32 km from Ashoknagar. In the south 35 km of Ashoknagar there is Karila mata mandir which is known to be birthplace of Luv and Kush and a huge fair is arranged every year on Rangpanchmi in which rai dance is performed by bedni women. Tumen is also a famous historical pilgrim centre situated at triveni known for mata vindhyavasini temple. Many other places of religious importance also there near Ashoknagar.

The occupation of the people here is mostly agriculture related. Many people are engaged in Grain merchandise. Cloth Merchants and Kirana Merchants are also in excess.Recently commodity exchange market has also grown, logistics business has also been here from a long time. chanderi is a tehsil of ashoknagar disttric, chanderi is a famous historical & tourist palace, the main occupation of chanderi peoples has handicraft, Chanderi saree are famous for all over world it made by cotton and silk by hand through 'khatka' khatka is a self made machine for preparing of saree. so ashoknagar main occupation is saree making.

How to reach Ashoknagar?

Nearest Railway Station:

Ashoknagar is situated on the Western-Central Railway 's broad gauge line of the Kota-Bina Section. Another rail link, viz., The total rail length in the district is about 141 Km and the route kilometrege per 100 square KM is 1.27. Recently The trains are available for Kota, Bina, Ujjain, Indore, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ahamdabad, Bhopal, Sagar, Damoh, Jabalpur, Durg, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Delhi, Deharadoon, Darbhanga and Gwalior.

Nearest Airport:Bhopal Airport

Road Transport:

Ashoknagar district is well connected with M.P. & other parts of India by Road,and rail.

Ashoknagar is situated on the State Highway. It is Well connected with its surrounding district namely Guna, Vidisha and Shivpuri The length of state highways in the District is about 82.20 Km.

Tourist Attraction of Ashoknagar :

Ashoknagar District has a host of places, which raises the interest of the tourists including Chanderi, Anandpur, Kaushak Mahal of Chanderi, Issagarh and also the Shivpuri district. The region of Chanderi is famous for the Chanderi fort, which is situated on a hill 71 meter above the town. The Kaushak Mahal of Chanderi is a seven-storied palace and is an imposing building for some grandeur, though standing in a half ruined condition. One of the glorious religious place known as Shri Anandpur Sahib is about 30 kilometers from the district headquarters of Ashoknagar. Ashoknagar Jain Temple is a major point of interest of this district. Excursions to Bajrangarh Fort, Kaushak Mahal, Chanderi Fort, Ramnagar Mahal, Issagarh and Anandpur will be an enchanting experience. Reaching Ashoknagar District is very convenient in the recent times. The nearest airport to this district is Bhopal, which links this city to all the major destinations in the Indian subcontinent. This district is also well connected with all the major metros of the Indian subcontinent. The hotels in the Ashoknagar District also provide excellent accommodation to the travelers and business people alike. The hotels are equipped with all the modern amenities and make ones stay in the Ashoknagar District memorable.

Thubonji - an old site of religious interest for Jains

Kareela - mythologically birthplace of Luv and Kush, sons of king Rama, a famous carnival site.

Anandpur - spiritual meditation centre having huge carnivals twice a year.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation in Ashoknagar:

Hotel Prem Shri

Aryan Hotel