Dindori District is a district of Madhya Pradesh state of central India. The town of Dindori is the district headquarters. The district is part of Jabalpur Division.Dindori district holds a total population of 579312 , in which 290572 are men and 288740 are women. The district comprises of 97 % rural and tribal population.

Dindori has many historical as well as spiritual places. Some of the spiritual places are Laxman Madva, Kukarramath, Kalchuri Kali Mandir etc. The Kanha Tiger National Park is 180 km & Bandhavgarh National Park is 140 Km away from the district headquarter.Dindori is among the 48 districts that are within the jurisdiction of Madhya Pradesh

It was created on 25th May, 1998 with total 927 villages. The district is covered in seven block namely Dindori, Shahpura, Mehandwani, Amarpur, Bajag, Karanjiya & Samnapur. The Baiga are very Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups which can be found only in this district. The Baigas are known as the "National Human".

Presently, the tribal population of Dindori district is 60% of the total population and is dominantely rural. Gond, Baiga, Koal, Pradhan, Dhulia, Bhoomia and Agaria are the main tribes of the region.

The economy of the district depends on forest products and agriculture as the district is covered by sal, sagoun trees. Tendu patta, mahlon patta, harra-bahera-anvala & char are the small Small forest products that are collected each year. The major crops grown in the district is dhan, makka, kodo, kutki and oilseeds like rai and ramtilla.

The district is significant as a spiritual destination. Laxman Mandva, Kukaramath, Kalchuri Kali Mandir, Mudiakhurd temples are temples of great significance. The Kanha National Park, Bandhavgarh National Park, Ghughuva National Fossils Park, and Dagona Waterfall are some of the major attractions of the district.

Location info:

Dindori district is situated at the eastern part of Madhaya Pradesh touching Chhattisgarh state. It touches Shahdol in east, Mandla in west, Umaria in north, and Bilaspur district of Chattisgarh State in south. It is 144 Km from Jabalpur on S.H 21, 104 Km from Mandla and 88 Km from holy place Amarkantak. It is located at 81.34 degree longitude and 21.16 degree latitude.The holy river Narmada passes through the district. It is situated at a height of 1100 m above sea level amongst herbal-rich, Maikal mountain ranges.

History of Dindori

The region used to be ruled by the Lodhi and Gond dynasties, during the time when the Gond dynasty renamed the whole region as Gondwana. As of recent history, Dindori used to be part of the district of Mandla, before it was separated on May 25, 1998 to form its own district identity, making it one of the more recent district additions to the state. Upon its separation, it had a total of 927 villages. Administratively, the district has seven development blocks: Dindori, Mehendwani, Shahpura, Bajag, Amarpur, Samnapur and Karanjiya. The setup is well-designed and is headed by the Collector and District Magistrate.

Educational Institutions in Dindori:

Distance Education / Distance Learning programs and Correspondance courses offered by various Study Centers under Distance Education / Open University Scheme of Indian Universities offering courses such as MA, MSc, MBA, MCA etc:

Dr Onkar Singh Chandel, Dindori

Government CV College, Dindori

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Hindi,English and other regional languages.


Dindori district has very rich natural resources; however, these are not fully utilized due to a lack of basic infrastructure and low literacy rate. The economy depends largely on agriculture and forest produce, since about 37.32% of the district’s area is covered by Sal forest. Some of the more common forest produce include mahlon patta, patt and char and they are collected every year. While the district is largely agricultural, only 1,569 hectares of land are under irrigation. Modern agricultural techniques are largely nominal, with the majority of the farmers still relying on traditional methods of farming. The main crops produced in the district include makka, dhan, kutki and oil seed ramtilla.

Dindori has its fair share of historical and important spiritual destinations. The district draws its revenue from agricultural and forest products. Dindori has not yet experienced industrialization. The district is one of the most economically backward regions of the state due to absence of proper infrastructure and modern amenities.

The art of this region is predominately influenced by the mighty nature. People of this region mastered the skills in different artistic practices such as painting, sculpture and tattoo imprinting on body parts. The art of tattoo designing is prevalent in the area since time immemorial. Only ladies of tribes get it designed on their body parts, believing that it would give them their identity in the heaven.

Many folk dances are performed in this region. The baiga and Gond tribes are considered to be fond of dances and music. For them music is a gift from the God. Their dances are divided into two categories i.e. Social and religious dances.The religious dances are performed to get the blessing from God,to get rid of problem caused by the evils like Flood,famine and epidemic.

In the religious dances there are Sua , Dashera, Doha and Sumran whereas in the social dances Karma, Reena, Saila, Bilma, Jharpad and Tapadi are very popular among the tribes.

How to reach Dindori?

Nearest Railway Station:

The nearest railway stations are Jabalpur, the Birsingpur Railway station at Umaria and the Annupur Junction Railway station.

Nearest Airport:

Dindori can be reached via air through the district of Jabalpur, which has the nearest airport to Dindori.

Road Transport:

It is 144 Km from Jabalpur on State Highway No. 21, 104 Km from Mandla and 88 Km from the holy place of Amarkantak.The Dindori Bus Station also connects the district with Mandla, Umaria and Balaghat.

Tourist Attraction of Dindori:

Ghughuva National Fossils Park:

It is almost 70 Km from Dindori in north-east direction. It is one of the very rare plant fossil park in Asia. The fossils in this park are said to be around 6 crore years old which now have been changed into solid-stone. It is stretched in an area of 75 acres of land where attractive and rare fossils of leaves and trees are waiting to be explored.

Dagona Water fall:

The dagona waterfall is almost 85 Km from Dindori and is situated on Budna river in between Goura & Kantari village. Dagona means to "cross a river in a single jump". A temple of Budi Bhai is also near the water fall.


It is almost 15 Km in the east of Dindori HQ. It is said that Kalchuri Kali Mandir situated here was build in a night. There is also a temple devoted to lord Shiva having architectural importance.

Laxman Mandva:

It is almost 7 Km from Dindori headquarter. It is supposed that Lord Shri Ram & Laxman stopped at this place during their exile. It is a tourist as well as pilgrim place.