Hoshangabad is a city and a municipality in Hoshangabad district in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is a city in the central india region, located on the south bank of the Narmada River, and is the administrative center of Hoshangabad District.It is a city in Madhya Pradesh state, central India. It is located on the south bank of the Narmada River, and is the administrative center of Hoshangabad District.

Location info:

Hoshangabad district lies in the central Narmada Valley and on the northern fringe of the Satpura Plateau. It lies between the parallels of 22 degree 15 minute and 22 degree 44 minute east. In shape, it is an irregular strip elongated along the southern banks of Narmda river. Its greatest length from south-east to north-east is 160 kms.


The climate of Hoshangabad district is normal. All the seasons come in the district. An average height from the sea level is 331 mts.and avearge rain fall is 134 cms. The average maximum and minimum temperatures are 32 deg.C and 19 deg.C respectively. Overall, the climate of the district is neither more hot nor more cool except the winter season of the Pachmarhi.

History of Hoshangabad:

The district takes its own name from the head quarters town Hoshangabad which was founded by "SULTAN HUSHANG SHAH GORI", the second king of Mandu (Malwa) in ealry 15th century.The city was earlier called Narmadapur after the river Narmada however later the name was changed to Hoshangabad. The city is famous for the beautiful Sethani ghat along the banks of river Narmada. There are colourful celebrations in the city on Narmada Jayanti. During celebrations this year the CM announced that efforts to rename the town. A Satsang Bhavan on the ghat has regular visits by Hindu saints who hold regular religious discourses on Ramcharitmanas and Geeta.

Educational Institutions in Hoshangabad:

In Hoshangabad district, there are 960 Primary Schools, 207 Middle Schools, 69 Senior Secondary Schools and 9 Schools are operated by Tribal Department. There are 11 Colleges and 1 is Polytechnic College. All the colleges are functioning under Bhopal University, Bhopal. There is no other technical and medical college in the district. In Hoshangabad, there is one office on Saksharta Programme and a lot of literacy programmes are in-progress under the guidance of Zila Saksharta Office to literate the people.

Out of 11 colleges, seven are Post Graduate Colleges. Post Graduate courses in Science/Arts/Commerce are availbale at the following Colleges:

1. Narmada Maha Vidyalaya, Hoshangabad
2. Home Science College, Hoshangabad
3. Mahatma Gandhi Smiriti Maha Vidyalaya, Itarsi
4. Kusum Mahavidyalaya, Seonimalwa
5. Makhanlal Chaturvedi Mahavidyalaya, Babai
6. Shaskiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Pipariya
7. Shaskiya Snatkottar Mahavidyalaya, Pipariya

# Total Literacy of the District : 58.64%

# Male Literacy of the District : 67.92%

# Female Literacy of the District : 48.26%


Bhunjia (Bhumjiya),Hindi


The district constitutes a total population of 8,86,449 with 6,17,520 rural and 2,68,929 urban population respectively.Hoshnagabad district has a considerable proportion of agriculturists. The district also deals in handicraft, silk, leather, and pulses trade. Security Papers Mill is the only industry of the district.

In Hoshangabad district, there are two main rivers namely the Narmada and the Tawa., which join each other at the village Bandra Bhan. In the spot, a holy mela also organise on the occassion of Kartik purnima. Other small rivers are the Dudhi and the Denwa.A very big lake is also at Pachmarhi, which is one of the main tourist place of the district and it is open for boating for all tourists.

There is only one industry namely Security Papers Mill, Hoshangabad which is functioning under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. Other this there some units are also working i.e. Ordinance Factory, Itarsi which works under Ministry of Defence, Government of India and Railway Engineering Factory, Diesel Shade, Oil Federation (manufacturing plant), Banapura. The main trade in the district are Handicraf , Silk, Leather, Pulses etc. Other these, the main business deals in the delivering of Sand and Tiles which come from river Narmada.

Hoshangabad District is also home to Pachmarhi, a hill station and popular tourist spot in the Satpura Range in the southern part of the district. Pachmarhi was the summer capital of the British Raj Central Provinces and Berar. The Pachmarhi Sanctuary (461.37 sq km) is part of the larger Pachmarhi Biosphere Preserve, which extends into Betul and Chhindwara districts

Hoshangabad district is drained by two main rivers namely the Narmada and the Tawa, which conflux at the village Bandra Bhan. At the confluence, a holy mela is also organised on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. Other small rivers are the Dudhi and the Denwa.

Als, a big agriculture Mandi is located in the Itarsi town and there are other four mandis also in district. Itarsi Mandi is centre business point of the district and other main business place is Piparia town. However, Itarsi town is main Railway junction in the country which joins all the four corners of the country e.g. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta & Chennai and it also joins other places in the county along with state by rail and by bus for managing the business.Setani Ghat is an important land mark of the city. On the banks of River Narmada. It is about 7 KM from the location where river Tawa and Narmada makes its sangam

How to reach Hoshangabad?

Nearest Railway Station:

Itarsi is the nearest railway station and is linked with all major cities of the country. This railway junction is about 18 km from the district head-quarter.

Nearest Airport:Bhopal Airport

Road Transport:

Hoshangabad is freely connected by road and rail from the state capital, Bhopal and it is about 70 kms. away from it. It is connected by rail with all major cities of the state. One of its tehsil namely Itarsi is linked with all major cities of the country due to main railway junction of the central railway, which is 18 kms. far away from the district head-quarter. From Itarsi, you can also move to Pachmarhi by road, which is one of the most popular tourist spot of the district.

Tourist Attraction of Hoshangabad:


Pachmarhi is a hill stationis in the Satpura range of hills. It is situated in Pipariya tehsil. It is on the way of Piparia-Matkuli- Pachamrhi road, at a distance of 123 kms. from district head-quarter. It is connected with rail upto Piparia railway station en-route of Hawrah-Mumbai rail route. Pachamrhi is at a distance of about 52 km. from Piparia railway station and 211 km. from state capital Bhopal. It is also known as "Queen of Satpura" . By popular belief the name Pachmarhi is a derivation of 'Panch-Marhi' or the five caves of the Pandava brothers. During the British regime, Pachmarhi was the summer capital of the Central Provinces.

Bori's Sanctuary:

A small forest village in the extreme south of the Sohagpur tehsil, about 20 km.west of Pachmarhi, has given its name to the oldest and most important rorest range in Hoshangabad District. The Bori range extends from the foot of the Pachmarhi hills to the Tawa and Denwa rivers, and produces some of the finest teak wood and bamboos in the State. Other common trees in the Bori forest are Saj, Dhaora and Tinsa. The Bori river which rises on the west face of Dhupgarh, is the principle tributary of the Sanbhadra. A Wild Life Sanctuary, to be known as 'Bori Sanctuary' has been set up in the area of about 1200 sq.km. The Bori Sanctuary will be accessible by rail and road from Bhopal.


It is a religious place due to holi river Narmada. A thousands of pilgrims visited to this place for sacred bath on the occasion of Makrasankranti, Mahasivaratri & all Amavasyas. A Sethani ghat is the most popular ghat for sacred bath. A crowed mela is likely to be organized in the winter season. Also the Narmada Jayanti is celebrated in the winter season and inaugurated by the Chief Minister or Minister of the state. Thousand of pilgrims attend the Narmada Jayanti. Every year, a mela held in town on the samadhi of Ramji Baba with an exhibition and it continues for a month. A lot of crowd come from the whole district alongwith an adjacent districts.

Hotels/Lodge/Accommodation in Hoshangabad:

Sindhi Dharmshala
Surya Hotel
Panktira Palace
Hotel President
Noor-us-sabah Palace
Hotel Jehan Numa Palace