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St. George Fort is located on the banks of Bay of Bengal. It was built by the British East India Company in 1640 AD. The fort is believed to be the first establishment of the British in India. It is a military architecture marvel, which was erected as a trading post and later evolved to be the origin of modern Indian Army. Situated in the coastal state of Tamil Nadu, this ancient monument is worth watching on your trip to Chennai. St. George Fort holds great historical importance and is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Fort St. George was the first British fortress in India. The construction of the fort at Chennai saw a spurt in settlements and construction activity around the place. The later day Madras/Chennai city evolved around the same fort. Fort St. George has the distinction of being the oldest English fort on the East Coast of India. Constructed between 1640 and 1653 and subsequently reconstructed in the year 1783, Fort St. George was once a town, complete with named streets, alleys and roads. Since Fort St. George was completed on April 23rd, coinciding with St. George's Day; the fort was christened Fort St. George, which soon became the hub of merchant activity. The fort led to the development of a new settlement called George Town. Over a period of time Fort St. George helped the British to extend their influence over the Carnatic region.

Location info:

Nearest City: Chennai
Best time to visit: December To February


As it lies very close to the equator, there is small fluctuation in seasonal temperature. The mercury rises to 40'C during the summer months but the average temperature in the winters revolves around 24'C. People of Chennai enjoy monsoon rains from June to September.


1639 -- Francis Day, an English trader and representative of the Company received a grant of land from Venkatadri Nayak of Poonamalee to erect a trading outpost, which grew into Fort St. George.
1640 -- A trading outpost of the factory erected with in the first enclosure of the 'inner walls'. Beri Thimappa, the chief merchant, established Black Town, a settlement of weavers and other natives, to the north of this walled enclosure. The Fort of Madras named as Fort St. George.

Mid-1600 -- An outer wall constructed around the growing White Settlement.

1680 -- St. Mary's Church built within the Fort.

1694-95 -- Old Fort House was replaced by a new one that still remains at the core of the present Secretariat.

1700-07 -- A protective mud wall built around Old Black Town.

1711 -- Removal of the inner walls surrounding the Fort House, its rubble used to form the Fort Square.

1790 -- Fort Exchange established and built within the Fort by Free Merchants. It was later converted to Fort Museum in 1948.

Interesting things to Visit:

Inside Fort St. George
The St. George Fort houses a number of artifacts belonging to the British colonial period. In addition to the British artifacts, there are also some French antiques inside the Fort St. George.

St. Mary's Church
The foundations of the St. Mary's Church were laid in the year 1678 and the church was completed in a span of two and a half years, in the reign of Charles the second. St. Mary's Church, with its marble plaques, tombstones and dedications has been a silent witness to the bygone era of Chennai/Madras city.

Clive House
The Clive House, also known as the "Admirality House" is the place where Robert Clive stayed with his wife in 1753 and later. The Clive House is a brick and mortar structure and is about 300 years old. The Clive House has wooden floors, beautifully carved wooden staircases and high ceilings. The centerpiece of the Clive House is a huge hall situated on the first floor with Corinthian columns. This was a banquet hall, meant for parties and celebrations.

At present, Fort St. George serves as the administrative headquarters for the Tamil Nadu state Legislative Assembly and also houses a garrison for troops in transit to various locations in South India.

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Chennai Railway junction
Nearest Airport: Chennai
Road Transport:Chennai city is well connected to all the major cities in Tamil Nadu and other neighboring states through an excellent road network

Nearest Visiting places:

Marina Beach
The city’s Marina Beach, bordered by gardens, lies just to the South of the War Memorial. It is claimed to be the second largest in the world, about 13 kms.

For a balmy holiday, the fishing village of Covelong has an excellent stretch of beach. This lies 55 km enroute to Mamallapuram which is 60 km from Madras and is a breathtaking seaside haven ideal for a relaxing holiday.

Elliots Beach (Marina beach):

The Marina Beach is a beach situated along shoreline in the city of Chennai, India.It is the longest beach in India and the second longest in the world

Valluvar Kottam
The ValluvarKottam, dedicated to the memory of the Tamil Saint Philosopher and poet Thiruvalluvar, is the largest auditorium in Asia. It is located at the junction of Kodampakkam High Road and Valluvar Kottam Road.

National Art Gallery and Museum
Built in 1906, the Chennai National Art Gallery was originally intended to be a memorial to queen Victoria. An impressive certal dome flanked a series of smaller domes supported by pillars on each side. After independence, it became an art Gallery in 1951. It has bronze exhibits dating from 10th to 13th centuries and paintings of Rajasthani and Mughals of the 17th century. Established in 1857, the museum can justify its claim to being one of India’s best. There are large sectiors devoted to Archacology, Anthropology, Geology, Numismatics, Zoology and Botany along with comprehensive collections of arms and armour.

Parathasarathy Temple
Located at Triplicane High Road is the large Sri Prthasarathy Temple. This Hindu Temple, devoted to Lord Krishna, was built in the 8th Century by Pallava King and has been ornately renovated since.

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