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Mandsaur Fort, also known as Dashpur Fort, is situated in Mandsaur city in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh state of India. He is also remembered for his wonderful taste in architecture. Bandi Ji Ka Baag: A Temple with Glass interiors. Bandi Ji Ka Baag is a 120 Yrs old Jain temple with interiors done with Glass. A worth visit place. It is very near to Main Bus Stand. Deputy Director Veterinary Services .

The town was known as Dashpur in ancient times. The area was ruled by Dasharna people during Mahabharata period. It is probably Dasharna janapada which gave name Dashpur to the Mandsaur town. It is the monolith pillar at Mandsaur that testimonies the victory of Yasodharman, a Jat King of Malwa

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Address:Mandsaur city, Madhya Pradesh, India.
District: Mandsaur district
Nearest City: Indore
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  • Mahabharata period

The Mahabharata Book 2: Sabha Parva SECTION locates Trigartas along with Dasharnas, the Sivis, the Amvashtas, the Malavas, the five tribes of the Karnatas around Rohtak in Haryana

Vaisampayana said,--"I shall now recite to you the deeds and triumphs of Nakula, and how that exalted one conquered the direction that had once been subjugated by Vasudeva. The intelligent Nakula, surrounded by a large host, set out from Khandavaprastha for the west, making this earth tremble with the shouts and the leonine roars of the warriors and the deep rattle of chariot wheels. The hero first assailed the mountainous country called Rohitaka that was dear unto (the celestial generalissimo) Kartikeya and which was delightful and prosperous and full of kine and every kind of wealth and produce. The encounter the son of Pandu had with the Mattamyurakas of that country was fierce.

  • Aulikaras of Dashapura

Epigraphical discoveries have brought to light two ancient royal houses, who call themselves as Aulikaras and ruled from Dashapura (present-day Mandsaur). The first dynasty, who ruled from Dashapura from the beginning comprised the following kings in the order of succession: Jayavarma, Simhavarma, Naravarma, Vishvavarma and Bandhuvarma. Bandhuvarma was contemporary of Kumaragupta I.

Yashodharman ruleVictory pillar of Yashodharman at Sondani, MandsaurInfo of Victory pillar of Yashodharman at Sondani, Mandsaur

Yashodharman Sondani is a small village at a distance of about 4 km from Mandsaur situated on Mahu-Nimach National Highway towards Mahu. Two monolith pillars were erected here by King Yasodharman in 528 AD with inscription which describe his exploits including victory over Hunas.Excavations by the Indian Archaeology Department show that these pillars are lying at their original site.

  • Gurjara-Pratihara Dynasty Mahendrapala II

The Gurjara Pratihara empire was extended up to Mandasor during the reign of Mahendrapala II.The Mandsaur city is situated on the border of Malwa and Mewar and as such is strategically very important. After the attack of Timur, the Delhi Sultanate became weak. Dilawar Khan Ghauri was governor of the Malwa province of central India during the decline of the Delhi Sultanate.

  • Hinglaj Fort Darbar Hall

Hinglajgarh or Hinglaj Fort is an ancient fort situated near village Navali in Bhanpura tehsil of Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh. Its coordinates are Latitude 25°30' N and Longitude 65°31' E. It is situated at a distance of 165 km from Mandsaur town and 26 km from Bhanpura town in Madhya Pradesh. This fort has been at its peak of grandeur during Parmara rule.

  • Princely State

In 19th century before India's independence in 1947, Madsaur was part of the princely state of Gwalior. It gave its name to the treaty with the Holkar Maharaja of Indore, which concluded the Third Anglo-Maratha War and the Pindari War in 1818. At the turn of the 20th century it was a centre of the Malwa opium trade.

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Interesting things to Visit:

  • Lord Pashupatinath Temple, Mandsaur
  • Chandwasa- Dharmarajeshwar, Garoth
  • Bahi Parashnath Jain Temple, Pipliya Mandi
  • Hinglajgarh, Hill Fort Bhanpura
  • Gandhi Sagar Dam, Bhanpura

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Nearest Railway Station:Mandsaur is situated on Ajmer-Akola track of Indian Railways and is under Ratlam rail division of WR. Currently there are 6 trains available from Mandsaur. Mandsaur has direct trains for Mumbai, Ajmer, Udaipur, Agra, Kota, Indore, Ujjain, Ratlam.
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Road Transport:Mandsaur is situated on Ajmer-Lebad(Indore) NH-79 as well as Mhow-Neemuch SH-31 (soon becoming 4 Lane).

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  • Taxakeshwar temple

Taxakeshawar or Takhaji is a place of religious and historical importance in Mandsaur district in Madhya Pradesh. It is situated at a distance of 22 km from Bhanpura town on Hinglajgarh road.

  • River Chambal in Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary

Gandhi Sagar Sanctuary is wildlife sanctuary situated on the northern boundary of Mandsaur and Nimach districts in Madhya Pradesh, India. It is spread over an area of 368.62 km squire adjoining Rajasthan state in India.

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1.Petrol Pump
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

2.Petrol Pump
Borkhera, Kota, Rajasthan

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SH 51, Dhanmandi, Kota, Rajasthan

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Police Station:

1.Habib Ganj Police Station
MP Nagar Zone-II, MP Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

2.Police Station
Nishat Pura, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462030

3.Polic Station
Bairagarh, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462030

4.Police Chowkey
Police Chowki, Lalghati, Lalghati, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462032

5.Police Thana
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1.Government Hospital
Bundi, Rajasthan

2.Shekhar Hospital
A-69, Shah Pura, Near Manisha Market, Shahpura, Bhopal, Madhya pradesh 462016

3.Koh E Fiza Hospital
Koh E Fiza, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

4.Ajwani Eye Hospital
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5.Gandhi Medical College
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