Narwar Fort


Narwar Fort is situated atop a hill, at Narwar in Madhya Pradesh, about 500 feet above ground level spread over an area of 8 km², which stands on a steep scarp of the Vindhya Range. Kachwaha Rajputs are said to have built (or rebuilt) the fort when they occupied Narwar in the 10th century. Kachwaha, Parihara, and Tomara Rajputs held Narwar successively from 12th century onwards, until its capture by the Mughals in the 16th century. It was conquered by the Maratha chief Scindia in the early 19th century.

It is now in a dilapidated condition, but the remains suggest that, in the flourishing days, it might have been only second to the Gwalior Fort in magnificence. The interior of the fort is divided by cross walls into four 'ahata' and 'dholaahata'. The architecture of the fort and palaces is basically Rajput in style with flat ceiling, fluted columns and multifold arches. The inner walls of the palaces have been decorated with bright paint and glass beads. Near the fort are the Jai Stambha, Sati monument, Ladu bungalow, Chhip Mahal, Makardwaj Tal, Kacheri mahal, Sikandar Lodi's Mosque,Shehenshah Anas Khan Joshi's Tomb and Jail Kambha. Traditionally said to have been the capital of Raja Nala of the Sanskrit epic Mahabharata, the town was called Nalapura until the 12th century. Outside the walled town are memorial pillars of the Tomar chiefs.

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