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The Sheesh Mahal in Orchha is one of the best hotels in the town. The hotel features a wide range of modern facilities and services in its 8 well appointed guestrooms and throughout the premises. This hotel is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional element of orchha making it a best accomodation in town.

Orchha's grandeur has been captured in stone, frozen in time, a rich legacy to the ages. In this medieval city, the hand of time has rested lightly and the palaces and temples built by its Bundela rulers in the 16th and 17th centuries retain much of their pristine perfection.

Orchha is a small yet interesting town situated on the banks of River Betwa in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh. The town was once covered with thick forest from all four sides and was discovered by Bundela rulers only in the year 1531. It also served as a capital to the Bundela Kings. It is dotted with numerous temples and palaces, which were built between 16th and 17th century. The monuments build by the Bundela rulers are deemed as the best example of Indo-Islamic architecture.

Complementing the noble proportions of their exteriors are interiors which represent the finest flowering of the Bundela school of painting. In the Laxminarayan Temple and Raj Mahal, vibrant murals encompassing a variety of religious and secular themes, bring the walls and ceilings to rich life.
Orchha was founded in the 16th century by the Bundela Rajput chieftain, Rudra Pratap, who chose this stretch of land along the Betwa river as an ideal site for his capital. Of the succeeding rulers, the most notable was Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo who built the exquisite Jehangir Mahal, a tiered palace crowned by graceful chhatris. From here the view of soaring temple spires and cenotaphs is spectacular.

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Address:Jhansi-Khajuraho Road, Orchha,Madhya Pradesh, India.
District: Tikamgarh
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Best time to visit: October to March


The climate of Orchha is temperate. Summers (April-June) are not too hot while winters are cool (November-February) and pleasant. It experiences southwestern monsoon rains in July-September. It is 18 km from Jhansi.


The construction of the Raj Mahal in Orchha, India was initiated by Rudra Pratap Singh, the Rajput ruler of this region in the 16th century. But the task of completion of the construction was taken up later by the successors of Rudra Pratap Singh, the most popular among whom was Madhukar Shah. The two rectangular courtyards in the interior of Raj Mahal, Orchha were used by the Bundela Queens.

Sheesh Mahal in Madhya Pradesh while trying to retain its old word charm has also tried its best to restore the balance between the old world charm and the modern existence. Built in a colonial style, it reflects the rich heritage of India.
The reason for Orchha’s emergence as a stand-alone destination is not hard to guess. A typical Bundelkhand village of no more than 5000 people, situated, rather unobtrusively, on the Jhansi-Tikamgarh road, Orchha’s dream-like landscape features narrow gates, fort-like temples, grand palaces housing vibrant murals of the Bundela School of Painting, and perfectly symmetrical chhatris standing by the happily gurgling boulder-strewn river Betwa. The heritage structures were all built between 1531 and 1627 AD by the Bundela Rajput Kings, known for their valour and virtuosity.

The monuments which dot Orchha’s rural landscape include Jehangir Mahal, Raja Mahal, Chaturbhuj Temple, Ram Raja Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Rai Praveen Mahal, Diman Hardaul’s Mahal, Phool Bagh, Sundar Mahal and the 14 chhatris lining the Kanchana Ghat of the Betwa river. They are all scattered within a 2-km radius of this rather sleepy hamlet with the Betwa flowing eastwards in its outer periphery. Beyond the low-lying, railing-less ancient bridge that connects the town to its district headquarters of Tikamgarh, lies the Orchha sanctuary which stretches across some 45 sq km, and harbours many species of wild animals and rare birds. Its hilly terrain, interspersed with numerous view points also offers exciting possibilities for eco-tourism activities like camping, jungle-treks and mountain-biking.

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Interesting things to Visit:

Temples of Orchha, Phool Bagh, the Chhattris, The Jehangir Mahal, The Sheesh Mahal.

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Nearest Railway Station:Jhansi is the closest railhead, situated at a distance of 16 km from here. You can hire a taxi from Jhansi to Orchha.
Nearest Airport:Gwalior is the nearest airport, which is around 119 km away. Flights from Delhi and Bhopal are regular to Gwalior.
Road Transport:Orchha is situated on the Jhansi-Khajuraho road. The town is well connected to all the cities of Madhya Pradesh with regular bus service.Buses and taxis are the prominent means of transportation in Orchha. Rickshaws and taxis are also available in good numbers.

Nearest Visiting places:

The main attractions in Orchha are magnificent palaces and huge temples. Most of the places of interest are located very close to one another making it less tiring for tourists to enjoy the glory of these monuments. Jehangir Mahal is the most important palace whereas Chaturbhuj Temple and Laxminarayan Temple are the highly visited temple.

Jehangir Mahal

Jehangir Mahal is exceedingly beautiful and the most visited monument in Orchha. The palace was built by Raja Bir Singh Ju Deo to commemorate the visit of Emperor Jehangir to Orchha. The main attraction of the palace are the two statues of bowed elephants right at the entrance of the gate that set the mood for your exploration of this charming palace. You will notice a strong resemblance in the structure of this palace and many other monuments built in Islamic architectural style.

Raj Parveen Mahal

The palace was built King Indramani in the 17th century. It is said that he built it for his love Raj Parveen who was an exceptionally talented poetess and a musician. The palace is only two floor high. It was built this way to match with the height of trees in the area. You can get scintillating views of nearby gardens of Anand Mahal and the octagonal flower garden.

Chaturbhuj Temple

Built between the year 1558 and 1573 by Raja Madhukar, Chaturbhuj temple is situated on a gigantic stone formation. The temple was constructed to house an idol of Lord Rama, but later, statue of Lord Vishnu was established. This gave the name Chaturbhuj to the temple. As an exception to Hindu temples, Chaturbhuj Temple has plenty of light and space inside and has a huge assembly hall for the devotees.

Laxminarayan Temple

The structure of the temple is huge and dominates the surroundings. The architecture of the building is an amalgamation of a fort and temple features that is very unique and fascinating. It was built in the year 1622 A.D. by Vir Singh Deo. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Laxmi The interior walls of the temple are adorned by many exceptional paintings. The paintings have been preserved with great care. Even though they are hundreds of years old, the colors used still retain their shine and are great to look at.

Where to Put Up

Orchha is not a very big city and the accommodation you will get here are simple and comfortable. You will also find many budget hotels that will provide you with all basic facilities and a good hygienic stay. The good hotels in the city are The Orchha Resort, Betwa Retreat and Sheesh Mahal.

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1.Hotel Mansarover
Village Centre.

2.Hotel Sheesh Mahal.

3.Palki Mahal
Overlooking Phool Bagh.

4.Orchha Resorts
Betwa Cottages.

5.Sheesh Mahal has 1 Maharaja Suite, 1 Maharani Suite and 6 a/c rooms.

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Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd.
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