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Udaygiri Fort is located at Puliyoorkurichi, near the Padmanabhapuram Fort on the Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil National highway.The Udayagiri fort should not be confused with the fort of the same name located at Udayagiri Village in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.The fort was in a neglected state for many years till district administration took notice. A bio-diversity park is now established inside the fort. Tourists can now enjoy the sight of deer, ducks, fountains, birds along with more than 100 kinds of landscaped trees.Recently the Archeology department has discovered a secret tunnel within the fort. The fort is worth a visit especially for history and nature aficionados.

The fort is situated on the Thiruvananthapuram-Nagercoil National highway at Puliyoorkurichi. This was the most important military barracks of the Travancore rulers, when Padmanabhapuram was their capital. The fort is built of massive granite blocks around an isolated hillock.

The tombs of the Dutch Admiral Eustachius De Lannoy, (in whose honour the fort was once called Dillanai Kottai— De Lennoy's Fort), and of his wife and son could be seen inside a partly ruined chapel in the fort.

Location info:

Address:Udaygiri Fort ,Nagercoil,
District: Kanyakumari
Nearest City: Nagercoil
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year


Nagercoil has a pleasant, though humid, climate for a major part of the year. The maximum temperature during the summer hovers around 86°F or 30°C with extremely high humidity at times. Nagercoil receives both the north-east monsoon and the south-west monsoon. It rains more often in Kanyakumari district than in any other part of Tamil Nadu, with the exception of the Nilgiris. Due to geographical conditions, the southern tip of Kanyakumari is generally 2°C to 3°C warmer than Nagercoil during the daytime, though Kanyakumari is only 20 km away


The Udayagiri Fort built over an area of 90 acres is made using massive granite blocks. The fort really came to prominence during the reign of Marthanda Varma, the famous Venad King in the period 1741-44. When in the famous battle of Colachel Captain De Lennoy was captured with 24 other European prisoners he was pardoned by the king and entrusted with the charge of modernizing the Travancore Army. The captured officer remained loyal to the King and served him faithfully for 37 years. With D’Lannoy’s extensive knowledge of modern warfare, King Marthanda Varma extended his kingdom further north to Kuriyapalli. So much was the contribution of General De Lannoy that the fort came to be known as `Dillannai Kottai’ or fort of De Lannoy. At Udayagiri, De Lannoy stayed with his family till he died. Inside the fort premises lies buried the body of De Lannoy, his wife and son. There is also a chapel built around the grave. At his tomb a stone cross stands with inscription in both Tamil and Latin that reads: “Stand, Traveller, and behold! For here lies Captain Delannoy, who served Maharaja Marthanda Varma and Travancore faithfully for three decades” The sorry state of affairs has led to the decay of the tombs and the area around it. It is now out of bound for the visitors.

Interesting things to Visit:

Padmanabhapuram Palace
Colachel: An ideal beach

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Nearest Railway Station:Nagercoil Railway Junction
Nearest Airport: Trivandrum
Road Transport: Nagercoil is very well connected to all the major cities in the Southern India.there are good number of buses to every cities

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VattaKotai Fort & Beach:Vattakottai Fort (or 'Circular Fort') is a seaside fort near Kanyakumari, the southern tip of India. It was built in the 18th century as a coastal defence-fortification and barracks in the erstwhile Travancore kingdom.It was constructed under the supervision of Captain Eustachius De Lannoy, an ex-Dutch naval officer of the VOC, who became commander of the Travancore army in the 18th century, by earning the trust of the Travancore King Marthanda Varma. De Lannoy constructed Vattakottai, as part of the defence-fortifications he undertook throughout Travancore.
Padbanabhapuram Palace:Padmanabhapuram Palace : This is located in at Padmanabhapuram Fort, close to the town of Thuckalay in Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu. It is about 20 km from Nagercoil. The palace is inside an old granite fortress around four kilometers long. The palace is located at the foot of the Veli Hills, which form a part of the Western Ghats.

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Nagercoil Kanyakumari District Tamil Nadu.


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