Vellore Fort


The city of Vellore, situated 145 km from Chennai, is a very calm and subtle place. Vellore is located on the banks of River Palar and is considered a historical city. The name Vellore which means city of spears itself suggests that this city was a battle field and has witnessed many wars. This also means that Vellore has seen many rulers come and go. You will see the evidence in many structures and ruins that are constructed in different styles, although Dravidian civilization is the most prominent of all. Vellore is slowly and gradually picking up paces in its expansion as more and more commercial hubs are coming up. You will get the best infrastructure and accommodation that are there in Tamil Nadu most of which are pure value for money. Apart from the famous Vellore Fort which was considered to be the strongest fortress during the Carnatic War, the city is famous for the CMC Hospital that attracts patients and researchers from all over the world. It is one of the best in India without a doubt and the number of people coming to the hospital is so large that it makes this calm city seem quite lively.

Location info:

Address:Vellore Fort Vellore
District: Vellore
Nearest City: Vellore
Best time to visit: Throughout the Year


With the tropic climate, Kanyakumari has April to June the hottest with temperature reaching out to maximum 350C. November to February is the coolest period with temperature hovering around 210C. Northeast Monsoon brings gentle sweep of rains between October and December.


The History of the district assumes a great significance and relevance, as we unfold the glorious past. It was under the sway of various dynasties and rulers, the prominent among them being the Pallavas , Cholas of Uraiyur, the Rashtrakutaa dynasty of Malkhed, Sambuvarayar, the rulers of Vijayanagarm, Mamathas, the Nawabs of the carnatic and the British. The Monuments found in the district give a vivid picture of the town through the ages. In the 18 th Century Vellore District was the scene of some of the decisive bettles fought in Ambur (1749) A.D Arcot (1751) A.D and Vandivasi (1760A.D) as a result of the long -drawn struggle between the English and the French for Supremacy.

Interesting places to Visit:

Jalakanteshwara Temple

Jalakanteshwara Temple was built in the year 1550 A.D. The temple is a small architectural wonder of Vijayanagar. The temple is within the fort complex and the walls of the temple are full of carvings of Nandi and small gopuras. You will find amazing work in the corridors as well. The temple was considered a masterpiece at the time of its construction and now it has become a marvel on this land of Vellore.

Muthu Mandapam

Muthu Mandapam is also called the 'Pearl Palace'. This is a memorial, which is built around the tombstone of the last Kandy Tamil ruler, Vikramraja Singh. It is situated just steps away from Vellore town towards north and is built on the bed of River Palar. The memorial is on a major alteration plan and is said that it will be added with a Children park, an aquarium and a lot more.

Government Museum

The Government Museum is situated besides the main bus stand in Lakshmanaswamy Town Hall. The museum is under the watch of Department of Museums. This might be the most unusual museum that you will ever see. It has in its collection, artifacts from many fields like anthropology, art, archeology, pre-history, botany, geology.

How to reach?

Nearest Railway Station:Katpadi station
Nearest Airport:Bangalore (103)
Road Transport:There are regular transport buses that come here from Chennai and Banglore apart from other main cities of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Nearest Visiting places:

Vellamalai (20km)
The Vellamalai Temple is dedicated to Subrahmanya (Murugan in Tamil), the son of Lord Siva. The main temple is at the top of a hill and is carved from a giant stone. There is also a temple at the bottom of the hill. People tie cloth onto trees here to have their wishes fulfilled.

Nearest Petrol Pump:



Darling Residency
Officer's Line, Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632 001- 0416 2213001

Sri Chelliamman Guest House
Opp. Vellore Bus Stand, Katpadi Road, vellore, Tamil Nadu 632004- 09994086014

Hotel Surabhi International
Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Help Line/Phone Number:

Police Station:

Vellore North Police Station
SH 9, Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Vellore South Police Station
SH 9, Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Virthumpet Police Station
10th East Cross Road, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632006

Nearest Hospital:

CMC Schell Eye Hospital
SH 9, Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

CMC College
Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Mental Health Center- CMC
Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu- 0416 2284485

Men Interns' Quarters
Vellore, Vellore, Tamil Nadu‎ - 0416 228296

Kumaran Hospital
SH 9, Vellore, Tamil Nadu‎

Government Hospital
Vellore, Tamil Nadu

Aravind Naturopathy Hospital
15, 7th East Main Road, Gandhinagar, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632006‎

Lakshmi Hospital
SH 9, Katpadi, Vellore, Tamil Nadu