Ahiri Dance


Ahiri Dance is a trademark of the cattle herders of Gwalior. The dance also has religious overtones, as the various communities of Gwalior who perform this dance, are considered to be the descendants of Lord Krishna. The Ahir community is the most avid follower of this dance form and they perform Ahiri on all the major cultural and religious occasions.

Ahiri Dance belongs to the cattle herding groups of Gwalior. Being a popular folk dance form of Gwalior district, Ahiri dance is performed by the Baredi, Ahir, Gwala, Raut and Rawat communities of Gwalior. The movements of the Ahiri dance are quite attractive and capture the imagination of all the viewers.

The Ahiri dance of Gwalior derived its name from the Ahir community of the district. While performing the Ahiri dance the performers make charming moves. As an important part of the culture of Gwalior the Ahiri dance is known to have a bright and vibrant heritage.

During the folk festivals of Gwalior district people perform the dance of Ahiri with much enthusiasm. Among many other forms of Gwalior dance Ahiri has made a prominent mark in the place. Today, art lovers from various corners of India and also from other countries come to watch the enchanting moves of Ahiri dance.

The various communities of Gwalior who perform the Ahiri dance are said to be the descendants of Lord Krishna. As such the movements of Ahiri dance also reflect an aura of religious belief in Gwalior. It has become customary for the Ahir communities of Gwalior to perform the dance on all major occasions. This shows the immense popularity of Ahiri dance in the district of Gwalior. In fact Ahiri dance has become an integral cultural component of Gwalior as a whole.

Enriching the enticing cultural tradition of Gwalior, Ahiri dance symbolizes one of the inherent artistic traits of the district.This dance is related to people who have traditionally been in the business of cattle herding.

The villagers in gwalior district dance with flute and beat of drums and dress in colourful attires. The dancers also perform puja of Chandi Mata and chant from Ramayan, Geeta and Kabir's couplet. They also perform puja of Lord Krishna , who Govardhan mountain on His finger.

Later Madhai Mela also began along with Ahiri dance.