Grida Dance


Grida Dance is performed in the villages of Madhya Pradesh. This dance celebrates the flourishing of the 'rabi' crops (winter crops).

When rabi crops sway in the fields in filled bloom, the parties from different villages join together and perform the Grida dance. It is performed by groups belonging to different villages, who gather together for this occasion. This dance begins in the morning and continues till evening.The host village returns the visit next year by going to the village of their guests of the preceding year.

There are 3 phases in it. The first phase 'sela' consists of slow and stiff feet movements. During 'selalarki', the second phase, the movements gather pace. On the third phase, called 'selabhadoni', the dance reaches its final point with vigoros movements of the hands and legs.

1. Sela - The feet movements are slow and comparatively rigid.

2. Selalarki - The feet movements become brisker and faster.

3. Selabhadoni - With the acceleration of the tempo, every limb of the body begins to sway in mood of exaltation.