Jawara Dance


Jawara, a harvest dance, is usually performed in the Bundelkhand area of Madhya Pradesh. It reflects the gaiety and pleasure of the peasants who have attained a good harvest.

Both men and women partake in this dance. The female performers wear colorful costumes and carry baskets full of jawara on their heads. Although, the dance is very vigorous they are able to balance these baskets very skillfully on their heads. The dance is accompanied by a rich variety of percussion, string and wind instruments.

Madhya Pradesh is home to many folk dances that is the essence of the rural life. People come together and dance for special occasions or in a particular season. One of such dance is the Jawara folk dance.

The name `Jawara` means grains and so this folk dance is done after the harvest season is over. As it`s in the case of all folk dances Jawara too is performed to celebrate a happy reason. It is a way of celebrating a good cultivation and profits. It`s an age old tradition still followed in Bundelkhand, Madhya Pradesh.

Both men and women come together to express their joy after a year of hard work. Women dress in traditional garments dance with the grain (Jawara) basket over their head. They are at their best, with all their jewelry on them. It needs them to balance the basket but they do it quite well. They dance to the tunes of music played by the villagers with the usual musical instruments like cymbals, bells etc. The dance is accompanied by the folk songs of this region.

Men too dance however it`s the women folks that catch all the attention; as they swing to the tune without bumping into each other. Jawara is a popular dance in Central India but not much heard of in rest of India. But, for Men, Women and children of Bundelkhand, Jawara is synonymous with joy, fun, happiness in tons. It`s not just a dance for them but a way to forget their sorrows and socialize.

The Bundelkhand area of Madhya Pradesh, well known for its folk dance Jawara reflects the great joy and excitement of the people for a good harvest season.