Phulpati Dance


Phulpati Dance is performed by the unmarried girls of Madhya Pradesh. It is a dance, which celebrates nature. This dance form is performed by the girls belonging to the semi-rural areas.The agriculturist class of Malwa is not very much inclined to any dance by nature.


During the Holi festival the revelers cannot restrain themselves from upcoming out with some sort of dance movements to the uneven exploitation of drums. These dance forms are mainly performed by the nomadic ethnic groups called Banjaras and Kanjars. The women of this part of India dance while balancing earthen pitchers on their heads. The Dolaki, a drum, is often used to produce the background music while dancing.


The seventh day of Dashain, popularly known as Phulpati, is one of the most auspicious days of 15-day Dashain celebration.The Phulpati rally will turn out to be a social and cultural get-together with members of the Bhojpuri, Bengali, Tibetan and Dhupka communities joining the procession.


Phulpati is a unique custom of the Gorkhas in which community members collect flowers, petals and other offerings from their respective houses and take them to the community Puja to pay obeisance to Durga.